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The Petition for Fair Votes

We will no longer live under a system where how the British people cast their votes is not represented in our Parliament.

The petition text:

In most constituencies, people know who will win long before the election, because the same party has held the seat for decades. Millions of votes across the country essentially count for nothing.

Political parties end up focusing the bulk of their resources on the small cluster of voters in a handful of marginal seats who will decide the outcome of a general election. Everyone else, meanwhile, is left out in the cold.

To sort the system, we need to convince as many MPs and parties as possible to support change.

We want our political leaders to take up the torch of electoral reform in the next parliament.

We want manifesto commitments to Proportional Representation.

However we vote, all of us want to cast our next vote for a party that commits to PR in its manifesto.

We are closer than ever to achieving equal votes – with the momentum of hundreds of activists at the People’s Lobby on the 24 May behind us. Now we need your commitment to equal votes.