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Ask your MP to meet

Ask your MP to meet with you and other constituents on the day of the lobby – and let us know how they respond.


Book your travel

Put 24 May in your diary and arrange to arrive by 12pm at the Emmanuel Centre – our base of operations for the day.


Join us on 24 May

Join us in London to Sort The System! We’ll meet our MPs – and we’ll leave a message for the ones who don’t show up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we lobbying Parliament?

Everyone can see our political system is letting the country down – and something needs to be done.

On 24 May, people from every part of the UK are coming to Westminster to demand that our MPs back a change in the electoral system – so that everyone has a vote that counts equally.

By joining us on 24 May, you will be pressuring not only your MP, but all politicians and parties, to give the people a real voice and mend our broken politics.

It will also be a great day out – with inspiring speakers, a great experience, and the chance to meet like-minded people from all over the UK.

Who should come?


Whether your MP is a supporter of the status quo, an advocate of electoral reform, or undecided. Whether your MP has already agreed to meet you on the day, or never replies to your email.

This is bigger than any one MP. This is about proving the level of public demand there is for change to all politicians and parties.

To do that, we need to make this huge  – and to do that, we need you to come.

What is a mass lobby?

A public or mass lobby is when a large group of people gather in Parliament on the same day to meet their MPs about a specific topic – in this case, the urgent need for equal votes.

Our goal is to show the strength of public support for changing the voting system. Unlike private lobbyists for major companies, we don’t have unlimited resources or advantageous connections – we need you!

So if you want a system in which all votes count equally, sign up to come to London and make your voice heard.

What if I already know what my MP thinks about PR?

Whether your MP already supports PR, or is totally opposed to change, it is important to show them how much this issue matters – to you and other constituents.

By coming to London and joining up with hundreds of other people – from all regions and all walks of life – you will help to solidify existing support, and to encourage those MPs – and parties – who don’t yet support PR to take notice.

What if my MP doesn’t agree to meet me?

Still come to Sort The System!

There will be important actions for you and other constituents to take, even if your MP can’t or won’t see you – including making a formal request of your absent MP.

Your attendance – alongside so many others – will help demonstrate the growing public demand for change.  Equal votes is vital if we are to drag British politics into the 21st century.

Plus, we have an exciting programme of speakers and activities lined up that you won’t want to miss! 

What should I say to my MP on the day?

We’ll provide full briefings on the day, setting out the key arguments for replacing our current system with PR, as well as some useful tips on making your case. Written materials will also be made available in advance.

Plan to arrive at the Emmanuel Centre, our external venue for the day, by midday on 24 May and we’ll make sure you have all the information you need.

I’d like to come but the travel is too expensive

We understand coming to London on a weekday can be expensive. Thanks to our generous Crowdfunder donors we have a limited fund to help with travel costs.

If you’d really like to come but can’t afford the travel, please tick the box saying so when you contact your MP and we’ll try our best to help.

For specific travel and logistical questions, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Why change the voting system?

Politics isn’t working. The UK is in a state of permanent crisis, and the system can’t seem to help us to get out of it.

At present, governments of left and right are able to assume office having received only a minority of the vote, but wielding 100% of the power. The views of the majority who didn’t back them just don’t matter.

In most constituencies, people know who will win long before the election, because the same party has held the seat for decades. Millions of votes across the country essentially count for nothing.

Political parties end up focusing the bulk of their resources on the small cluster of voters in a handful of marginal seats who will decide the outcome of a general election. Everyone else, meanwhile, is left out in the cold.

To sort the system, we need to convince as many MPs and parties as possible to support change.